ti[e] dy[e]

Last year I dabbled a little in tie-dye but I hadn’t gotten back into it until this week – I don’t know why I ever stopped!  I just love the color and how everything turns out completely different everytime…

Taking the rubber bands off to see that design that was created is like opening a bunch of little Christmas presents, a pile of small mysteries.

I decided to tie dye dish towels for my mom and I because:

1. it gave me an excuse to tie dye again and,

2. the small, bright colored towels will brighten up anyone’s kitchen and cooking/cleaning experience, and

3. the random designs and multi-colors will hide any stains that could come your way (in my case a lot of stains)

Materials you will need to do this yourself:

-towels  (I recommend terry cloth because they are better at drying, but anything that is at least 50% cotten should take the dye)

-rubber bands  (I like the fatter ones because I can get them off and reuse them, but any shape or size should work)

-buckets (I have plastic buckets that I use now.  Tin pans work also, but you have to throw them away after each use…)

-dye  (I use Rit dye, they have every color you can imagine and mixing them just makes even more colors)

-salt  (supposedly the salt helps the fabric take the dye better…I just follow the directions and throw some salt in each dye bath)

-gloves  (or you will end up with smurf hands)

-stirrers (I use those wooden paint stirrers you can pick up at the hardware store)

-hot (super hot) water

-washing machine (or your parents washing machine if you don’t have one)


1. rubberband each towel with the design you want (when I first started I looked up different designs and ways on youtube)

2. prepare your dye baths: hot hot hot water, salt and dye, mix it up with your stirrer

3. place towel in the dye-bath (the longer you leave the dye soaking in before washing, the more vibrant the color)

4. remove rubberbands and rinse towels in sink until water runs clear (I can never get the water to run totally clear, so I just rinse it for a minute or so)

5. if you have achieved the color/pattern you want, the towel is ready for washing, but you may want to re-wrap it and place in another color for your own design

6. when your towels are done dying, make sure all rubberbands are removed and wash the towels in the washing machine on cold

7. dry them and enjoy!

I may have left out some steps, and I left out about a million photos I took of the process so if you are confused and need some clarification I am here to help!

Happy tie-dying : )



~ by lemooney on October 11, 2009.

One Response to “ti[e] dy[e]”

  1. you are so cool.
    i love the towels and the blog post.
    ahem…you’re awesome.
    that’s all.
    love you!

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