{fifth} challenge

I almost didn’t get to the challenge this week, I didn’t realize it was already Thursday!  So, here is my card from Tina’s Inspiration Challenge over at travelingmama.  The inspirational photo from Clouds’ Color Garden made me crave the beach!  I wish I could have grown up with this amazing view, wow, breathtaking.

belize beach

I love the colors and the simplicity, it seems like life would be so much less complicated and laid back if I just lived on the beach…

For my card I was inspired by the colors most of all.  I haven’t been using a lot of greens recently and green is my favorite color so I was eager to throw some green in.  I decided to try and draw my version of some islands – this might be how they would look from space…if you were in cartoon space looking down at the cartoon world…

islands card

Beach trip anyone?



~ by lemooney on August 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “{fifth} challenge”

  1. Very cool! Your stlye is great! 🙂

  2. ooh! I like a lot! very cute card! I love your doodling! happy to know you found inspiration from the pic!

    Clouds 😀

  3. This is beautiful! I love how you incorporated the colors! Hope you have a great weekend! Hugs!

  4. i will go on a beach trip with you, Lauren!!! and your “cartoon space/cartoon world” comment made me laugh! your card is fun and a great use of the colors!
    seriously, which beach?……….

  5. Another great card – just love how unique your style is Lauren, Jo x

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