twist on challenge {four}

When I saw the photo for travelingmama‘s challenge this week I was so excited!  The colors are amazing, and I felt that for sure this was going to be my most inspired and favorite card yet…until I sat down and tried to draw it out.  I couldn’t do it!  I could not come up with a design that even looked okay enough to say it was inspired by the Rothenburg door from Savitri.  Out of my bucket full of markers in (what I thought was) every possible color, I couldn’t get the colors to give me the same feeling that the colors in the photo did.

rothenburg door


So…I gave up on the card!  I switched my focus over to another fun thing I love to do instead and made some jewelry!  (I hope that fits in with the guidelines…)

I was inspired by the gorgeous colors first – I only wish my markers came in these colors!  Then I played on the shapes in the photo with the beads I used.  There was the angular design of the orange wall as well as the blue, square shudder that can be translated into the square beads I used – the green and the orange.  Then there were the round shapes in the arch of the doorway and the wreath on the door that are mimicked in the round beads.IMG_3393

Thank you travelingmama and Savitri for the inspiration!  And special thanks to my mom for being my model!



~ by lemooney on July 27, 2009.

6 Responses to “twist on challenge {four}”

  1. OOOo I love this, I have never tried to make jewelry, but this so makes me want to start yet another hobby (my DH is not happy with you now) 😉

  2. LAUREN!!!!! i love your twist on the challenge! the necklace is gorgeous, and i sure do LOVE your model! 🙂
    i am way impressed with you, as always! love you!

  3. So very cool! You have such a talent!

  4. Another amazing piece of creativity…and how much do I want that necklace? Jo x

  5. I’m going to have to fight Jo for the necklace. I love that it’s asymmetrical!

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