u[n]der co[n]structio[n].

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they call me lem is in need of a new start!

we are under construction and spending some time refreshing and being inspired

back soon, i hope!



ti[e] dy[e]

•October 11, 2009 • 1 Comment

Last year I dabbled a little in tie-dye but I hadn’t gotten back into it until this week – I don’t know why I ever stopped!  I just love the color and how everything turns out completely different everytime…

Taking the rubber bands off to see that design that was created is like opening a bunch of little Christmas presents, a pile of small mysteries.

I decided to tie dye dish towels for my mom and I because:

1. it gave me an excuse to tie dye again and,

2. the small, bright colored towels will brighten up anyone’s kitchen and cooking/cleaning experience, and

3. the random designs and multi-colors will hide any stains that could come your way (in my case a lot of stains)

Materials you will need to do this yourself:

-towels  (I recommend terry cloth because they are better at drying, but anything that is at least 50% cotten should take the dye)

-rubber bands  (I like the fatter ones because I can get them off and reuse them, but any shape or size should work)

-buckets (I have plastic buckets that I use now.  Tin pans work also, but you have to throw them away after each use…)

-dye  (I use Rit dye, they have every color you can imagine and mixing them just makes even more colors)

-salt  (supposedly the salt helps the fabric take the dye better…I just follow the directions and throw some salt in each dye bath)

-gloves  (or you will end up with smurf hands)

-stirrers (I use those wooden paint stirrers you can pick up at the hardware store)

-hot (super hot) water

-washing machine (or your parents washing machine if you don’t have one)


1. rubberband each towel with the design you want (when I first started I looked up different designs and ways on youtube)

2. prepare your dye baths: hot hot hot water, salt and dye, mix it up with your stirrer

3. place towel in the dye-bath (the longer you leave the dye soaking in before washing, the more vibrant the color)

4. remove rubberbands and rinse towels in sink until water runs clear (I can never get the water to run totally clear, so I just rinse it for a minute or so)

5. if you have achieved the color/pattern you want, the towel is ready for washing, but you may want to re-wrap it and place in another color for your own design

6. when your towels are done dying, make sure all rubberbands are removed and wash the towels in the washing machine on cold

7. dry them and enjoy!

I may have left out some steps, and I left out about a million photos I took of the process so if you are confused and need some clarification I am here to help!

Happy tie-dying : )



•September 13, 2009 • 1 Comment

a weed is described as a nuisance, an unwanted plant, or a plant growing in an undesired place…

however, if the “weed” is growing somewhere that is belongs or somewhere it is wanted, it doesn’t keep its negative connotation – it is no longer a weed


I guess what they say is true, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but how could anyone think these awesome weeds growing in my front yard are anything but beautiful?  How did God come up with all these crazy, beautiful, intricate things?  And I’m only talking about the weeds…

very belated [6th] challenge

•September 7, 2009 • 3 Comments

I promise I finished this challenge on time, I just didn’t have any internet to blog about it!

My dear friend Katie took this lovely picture on one of her many amazing adventures this year, so I HAD to participate in travelingmama‘s challenge, even if it is a very belated entry…

irish pink flowers

I love the color of the flowers!  And I just started looking closer at the picture and noticed the bridge, with the arches and the stone, now that could make a cool card!  Anyhow, obviously on my card I drew the inspiration pretty literally from the flowers, but I like how it turned out : )

challenge 6

This one’s for you Katie!


{fifth} challenge

•August 6, 2009 • 5 Comments

I almost didn’t get to the challenge this week, I didn’t realize it was already Thursday!  So, here is my card from Tina’s Inspiration Challenge over at travelingmama.  The inspirational photo from Clouds’ Color Garden made me crave the beach!  I wish I could have grown up with this amazing view, wow, breathtaking.

belize beach

I love the colors and the simplicity, it seems like life would be so much less complicated and laid back if I just lived on the beach…

For my card I was inspired by the colors most of all.  I haven’t been using a lot of greens recently and green is my favorite color so I was eager to throw some green in.  I decided to try and draw my version of some islands – this might be how they would look from space…if you were in cartoon space looking down at the cartoon world…

islands card

Beach trip anyone?


twist on challenge {four}

•July 27, 2009 • 6 Comments

When I saw the photo for travelingmama‘s challenge this week I was so excited!  The colors are amazing, and I felt that for sure this was going to be my most inspired and favorite card yet…until I sat down and tried to draw it out.  I couldn’t do it!  I could not come up with a design that even looked okay enough to say it was inspired by the Rothenburg door from Savitri.  Out of my bucket full of markers in (what I thought was) every possible color, I couldn’t get the colors to give me the same feeling that the colors in the photo did.

rothenburg door


So…I gave up on the card!  I switched my focus over to another fun thing I love to do instead and made some jewelry!  (I hope that fits in with the guidelines…)

I was inspired by the gorgeous colors first – I only wish my markers came in these colors!  Then I played on the shapes in the photo with the beads I used.  There was the angular design of the orange wall as well as the blue, square shudder that can be translated into the square beads I used – the green and the orange.  Then there were the round shapes in the arch of the doorway and the wreath on the door that are mimicked in the round beads.IMG_3393

Thank you travelingmama and Savitri for the inspiration!  And special thanks to my mom for being my model!


{3rd} inspired card

•July 20, 2009 • 6 Comments

If it weren’t for Tina’s Inspiration Challenges over at Travelingmama, I’m not sure I would make it to my blog this summer!  I just can’t seem to find the time otherwise.

For the {3rd} challenge, the photo came from Amy over at Tethered 2 Home, from a family lake vacation.


My eyes always seem to be drawn to color before anything else, I’m one of those people that picks up a book because I like the color of the binding or the cover, haha.  I especially liked the red and orangy (my computer doesn’t think that orangy is a word, but I’m sticking with it)  colors of the board shorts and that is where I drew my inspiration.


Thank you to everyone for the sweet comments last week on my card – usually my family provides all the comments on my stuff and I think they are a little biased, so it is nice to see what other people think.  And thank you for all the advice on taking photos of my cards – the natural light has been working out way better than my light box.